About us

Atios AG

Atios AG, with its locations in the heart of Zurich and Switzerland, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the smart home industry. Our ethos is simple: home automation for everyone who is unparalleled in quality, sustainability and comfort. By developing the most technologically advanced devices and solutions on the market, we make this possible even at an unprecedented price. In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, we simplify the smart home experience by seamlessly integrating with platforms like Apple and Google Home. Our commitment to innovation and user-friendliness is evident in our Swiss-developed Matter products. Whether you want to retrofit an existing property, start a new construction project or even integrate intelligent systems into investment properties, Atios AG has the right solution for you.

Our Team

Malte Göller

As the strategic lead of Atios, Malte oversees the team, diverse projects, and partnerships. His passion for smart home technology and entrepreneurship drive the excellence of our products.

Janick Zwyssig

Serving as our Technical Software Lead, Janick brings a vast expertise ranging from firmware development to agile methodologies. His code ensures our products remain cutting-edge.

Aleksey Volkov

Aleksey, our Technical Hardware Lead, spearheads the development of our printed circuit boards. He oversees our production in Spain, upholding the highest ISO quality standards.

Daniel Giebelhaus

Daniel is the force behind Atios’ online presence and marketing team. Merging creativity with technical acumen, he amplifies Atios brand awareness in the digital and analog world.

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