Hey Siri, open the door!

Safe and keyless

We offer you the appropriate module with various functions for every type of access, whether it’s the apartment door in a multi-family house, your front door, or the garage door. Locking, unlocking, or supported opening options are available.

Cylinder lock

Automatic door opener

Garage door

All doors and gates

Whether you currently open your apartment door in a multi-family building through an intercom system, use a conventional key for your front door, or operate your garage with a remote control, we have a solution for all doors and gates that provides keyless access and convenient control.

Remote door opening from anywhere

You’ve invited guests for dinner and are just finishing up the last-minute shopping, but your guests have arrived at your door? You’re on the go, but the mail carrier wants to leave a package? No problem. In the future, receive push notifications with an image on your phone and conveniently open your door remotely.

Your home awaits You

Your phone detects when you arrive home: the outdoor lighting is turned on, your garage door is already open, and it closes once you have parked. The tedious search for the remote control in the glove compartment is eliminated because your home is already waiting for you.

Barrier-free access

You have your hands full, holding the dog on a leash and carrying bags? Just say “Hey Siri, open the door” to your authenticated Apple Watch, and it will provide you with barrier-free access. The lock will be opened, and the door will swing open.

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