You Determine What Happens at Home.

A smart home offers many advantages and conveniences. If you want to control your existing devices at home easily and comfortably, then you’ve come to the right place! We at Atios specialize in integration with Apple HomeKit and Google Home, that is, the app already installed on your smartphone. We distribute our own hardware, developed in Switzerland.

Whether you want to control your designer lamp by voice, open the front door from a distance, or implement a new building with HomeKit – we have a solution for everything. Our retrofit products require no additional wiring and are so small that they can be hidden anywhere. This provides the ideal solution for every scenario, suitable for new buildings as well as for renovations or even installations in rental properties.

Take a look at our application examples or sign up for a demo in our showroom in the heart of Zurich!



Switch and dim your lights as usual by switch and now also by app and voice.



Open your house and garage doors keylessly and from anywhere.



Use your heating and air conditioning efficiently and save on energy costs.



Automate your blinds based on presence, weather, and time of day.



Cameras, alarm system, home theater, or elevator? We can make all your wishes come true!

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