Suitable for every mood

One module, many functions

Atios offers an in-wall module with suitable functions for every type of lighting. Turn on/off your lamps, adjust the brightness, or customize the color of the lighting to match your mood.




Convenient control

Control your lamps via switch, app, or voice and enjoy the added convenience. Whether you’re washing dishes, lounging on the sofa, or leaving the house, you can freely choose the best way to switch on the lights.

Your home, your design

Whether it’s a single-family house or a rental apartment, every household can be upgraded to smart lighting. Thanks to the option of installing the Atios module directly in the switch housing, the device can be universally used with any switch type. Stay true to your design style and make no changes to your existing wiring or infrastructure.

Remote access

It happens to all of us. You leave the house or even go on vacation and wonder if you’ve turned off all the lights. Don’t worry, don’t be uncertain – easily control your lights from anywhere using the app or your smartwatch.

Mood through scenes

Personalize every room of your home according to the activity, occupancy, and time of day. Create a unique atmosphere for reading, watching TV, or gaming.

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